Outdoor Activities for Kids

The pandemic has affected everyone badly. The worst effect it has on the outdoor activities for kids. The kids have had the worst hit in this pandemic. The kids have been in closed doors for almost 9 months now and this has affected their growth. The effect on development has been both mentally, physically and emotionally.

Take Care of babies during winter

Winter is the most loved season of all. We all love the cool breeze and non sweaty weather. However, the season also brings in the difficult situation for kids. It becomes crucial to take care of babies during winter. Babies tend to get affected by the cold winds and the chillness in the weather. So here I am sharing a few things I took care of during the first winters of Kreesha.

We have started to settle our lives
Create our identity in the new world
Glad to be on step two
But the haven is still far away

The result of this new beginning
Now we will also have name and fame
In this crowded world
I want to make an identity of self
But the haven is still far away

Will Neither stop nor be tired
I'll just keep moving
Everyone will know me
I would such deeds
But the haven is still far away

The journey has started
Now this convoy will grow
Wonderful world of Wonder Mom
Will now be everyone's small world 
But the haven is still far away


Wonder Mom

Haven is Still Far Away

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