Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor activities for kids

The pandemic has affected everyone badly. The worst effect it has on the outdoor activities for kids. The kids have had the worst hit in this pandemic. The kids have been in closed doors for almost 9 months now and this has affected their growth. The effect on development has been both mentally, physically and emotionally. 

As a mother of a 2 year old child, I would definitely suggest to go out and have some sporty time with your child. I also do understand that Corona has restricted the outdoor activities for all of us. However, going out for a while in the park to play or just for a walk with your child is good. Do take necessary precautions like wear a mask, take sanitizer with you, don’t let your kid touch anything in the park and maintain social distance. If you don’t feel comfortable in the park, take your child on the terrace or your balcony for some sunshine. 

Activities Kreesha and I enjoy while out in the park:
  • Bat & Ball:  The simplest form of cricket for young kids  is not just fun but also a good physical activity. It stimulates the quick responsiveness among kids and enhances their physical capabilities. 
  • Catch & Throw: Simple catch & throw of a ball helps children to strengthen their hands grips and improves concentration. 
  • Running: Since Kreesha loves to run, we often do short runs when in park to move our legs a little extra. 
  • Admiring surroundings: Kreesha loves birds and nature. During our park visits she loves to watch squirrels and birds around and play with them. She even feeds them. This is also good for kids as it makes them humble and modest. 

I am not saying, you should take your child in the park only. But do take your child outdoors once in a while to make them more connected to nature and themselves. The importance of outdoor activities for kids cannot be explained in this one article. Next week I will be back with the detailed article on the critical developments a child undergoes when outdoors. 


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