Motherhood is a journey

Motherhood is a journey

Few days ago, I heard someone saying, “She is a perfect mother.” I asked myself, if there is anything like a Perfect Mother. Then I realised that motherhood is a journey, it is an experience. Like every child, every mother is also different and special. There can be no comparison between two mothers, actually there should be no comparison at all. 

It is very true that only a mother knows what is good for her child. As a mother, I do get to hear various suggestions by elders and friends. I do listen to all and consider also if required. However, I prefer listening to what my heart and mind says is good for my child. 

I feel as the child grows, the mother also grows and develops new skills. A mother’s love and compassion can never be compensated or compared to anyone. A mother can be a home-maker or a working professional. She may have a helping hand with her, or maybe doing everything on her own. She may have hired a nanny for her child, or looks after her child herself. The fact remains, that a mother is the only one who knows about her child the best. 

We as a society might sometimes judge a mother, but we hardly know the hardships she is going through to raise her child. I happen to do the same for a mother, then, I withdrew my words and apologised also. For a mother, her child is the world. So, next time if you see someone pointing out to any mother or you yourself happens to do the same; apologise. Motherhood is a journey of a mother and child and we as outsiders rarely know the hurdles they both overcome in this journey. So stop judging and start being empathetic. 


Wonder Mom

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