Motherly Experience

Motherly Experience

I know, I have stopped writing and sharing my motherly experience with you all. It’s been long since I connected with you all. But trust me as like you all I also go on for a roller-coaster ride almost every day of my life since my princess came into our lives. 

Kreesha has grown up and is growing so fast, I hardly get time to recollect her all activities on daily basis. So now I think, let me share with you all what has changed so far in our mother – daughter lives.

Kreesha at 4

So, now Kreesha is 4 years 5 months old, which means now she is big enough to go to proper school, now she is able to dress up herself, has become moody and throws hell lot of tantrums. She is a happy – go – lucky girl who loves her family and friends to moon and back. She wants attention, gets upset easily and cannot handle her mom’s anger. As soon as I get angry with her she starts flattering me. She’ll be like, “Oh Mommy! I love you so much. You are my favourite mommy. You are the best mommy. But you don’t look good when you are angry.”

And after all this, I am like, “Aww! I am not angry my girl, but you also don’t listen to mumma. What do I do?” Now we have become friends more than mother – daughter. She shares her daily routine, her feelings, her anxiety all with me. She even asks me about how my day went? Surprisingly! She is able to read my body language and face. Whenever I am angry or upset, Kreesha gets to know instantly.

Kreesha has evolved as a surprise package for me. She astonishes me every day with her activities, her knowledge, her inquisitiveness and the art of application of knowledge received. I think it is no wonder when our elders say,” Girls are God’s gift to her parents.” I feel lucky to be her mother.

Signing off for now! See you soon with another experience of my motherly journey.

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