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Wonder Mom

Hello Readers, 

Mom Blogger ‘Wonder Mom’ welcomes you to the blog. You might be thinking why have I named my mommy blog so. This is coz I feel, every mom is a super woman and a wonderful mom. Being a mother, gives you strength, positive energy and enthusiasm to fight for good and be a warrior. I was 17 years old when I penned down my first poem, it was about feelings. 

For past few years, I have been thinking of starting my own blog, but could not encourage myself of doing so. Maybe I was a little afraid and not so confident about my writing. But, two years back, when I became the mother, I felt the need to write lullabies for my daughter. I did not want her to listen a lullaby which would not connect her to me and other family members. Instead, I wanted to express and let her know, that how much we all love her and admire her. So, I started writing again and here I am the Mom Blogger. 

I have shared few of my poems, which I have written earlier, to make a connection with you all. As a Mom Blogger, I would be sharing my experiences as mom with Kreesha, few recipes I invented / followed to feed my kido with healthy food, activities we both mother – daughter duo love and my favorite brands for toys and clothes. I hope to reach many, touch their hearts with my words to share and learn from all.


Wonder Mom – Mom Blogger

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