June 28

Speech Therapy – Activities for Early Speech

Speech Therapy

Months back, I shared my experience of meeting moms who are worried over their kids’ delayed milestone achievements. I firmly believe in the fact that every child is different, however, if a child doesn’t start speaking at 2 years of age, it might be a reason to worry. In that scenario, you might want to opt for Speech Therapy for your child.

 Speech therapy helps with using the voice properly and using the muscles to make the right sounds. It helps people understand language and express themselves.


I am not a speech therapy expert, yet would like to share some basic fun activities, which I tried with Kreesha. Kreesha started speaking only after 2nd birthday. She used to say words earlier like Ma, Pa, dada, dadi, ice, rice, dudu, juice, and a few more. So, I playfully involved her in these activities and she started speaking phrases and now she is 2.5 years old and is able to speak long sentences with 10-12 words also.

Activities till 2 years:

  • Kreesha started her eye contact with us at an early age of 3 months. So, I started talking to her. She would respond with her eyes and expressions. For example, if she was happy, she would move her legs and if she is sad then she would simply ignore the situation.
  • Sharing small details of her daily routine with her like, “now its time to take bath, we are going to sit in bathtub and enjoy the bath”. Verbally explaining your child about their daily routine helps them build vocabulary but develop good habbit also.
  • Talk about things baby see in their room, house. Explain what is it and why is it in the house.
  • Talk about family and family members.
  • Talk about body parts and help them point their body parts.
  • Read them stories, rhymes sing them fun songs.
  • Show them colours and various objects, wait for them to respond.

Activities after 2 years:

  • Speak clearly to your child. Make them aware of the importance of clear speech.
  • Do not speak in their language, even if you do, do repeat the correct pronunciation or word also.
  • Repeat what they say, so that they are assured you understand what they want to say.
  • Show them pictures of various objects found in house, classroom, playground and get them talking about it.
  • Play yes or no game. Ask your kids simple questions like, “Do crow fly? Are you hungry?” Let kids respond to your question in a yes or no. Play vice versa – get your child ask questions to you.
  • Have a conversation where a child has to make choice like, “Do you want juice or milk?” or “Do you want to go out or play in the house?”
  • Talk about various body parts and what it does
  • Place some toys in a box and ask your child to pick one-by-one and tell what is it

Exercises to Try:

Paper Blowing is one of the Exercises to boost your kids’ Oral Motor Skills

  • Blow a balloon – Blowing a balloon helps the child develop facial muscles, which enable the child to speak easily.
  • Paper Blowing – A fun activity that will enhance your kid’s oral motor skills and concentration.

PS: I will soon be sharing a video on my youtube channel with other fun activities to help your kids develop their oral motor skills and enhance their speech.


Wonder Mom

June 23

W-sitting in Kids


‘W’- Sitting:

The moment your child sits on the floor with bent knees, feet outside their hips and bottoms touching the floor. While sitting in this position the legs of the child are similar to the formation of alphabet ‘W’ and thus is termed as W-sitting.  

Why kids prefer W-sitting?

Kids often playfully sit in W position, however, for some sitting this position is a way out to make up for their hips and trunk muscular weaknesses. This position provides the kid with extra stability and firmness to play around with toys while sitting upright. You do not have to worry for your kid, is s/he frequently changes sitting position, yet if you notice your child sitting in W-position for a longer period, try and correct their position.

There are also chances of kid having an anatomical difference in their hip joints making their thigh bones twisting inwardly. This condition needs medical supervision and is known as femoral anteversion.*

Why ‘W’- sitting is bad?

  • While sitting in w-position, kids tend to use less of core muscles. This might result in the weak shoulder and wrist movement affecting their fine motor development.
  • The w-position restricts the body movement and prevents the side-side weight shifting
  • Since there is reduced torso movement, the kid might develop limited coordination between their left and right body sides. The minimal coordination may also affect child’s bilateral coordination (using both body sides simultaneously)
  • The W-sitting positing lay huge stress on the hips and knees joints resulting in the postural problems and frequent lower back pains among kids

How to rectify W-sitting

W-Sitting Alternative Positions
W-Sitting Alternative Positions

Noticing your child sitting in ‘W’- position, you might want to encourage them to sit in other forms.

  • Small chair – Offer your child with a comfortable low height chair to sit on. This will help them move their torso and strengthen their bottoms
  • Cross legged – This position is also referred to as ‘Criss-Cross Applesauce’ and is common sitting position while Pranayam. This helps them straighten their backs and keeps lower body muscles comfortable
  • Legs in front – Toddlers do prefer sitting this way. This sitting position helps the child relax their leg muscles while correcting their ‘W’ position
  • Legs sideways – In this position the kid’s legs would be on one side of the body while sitting in knee bent and sitting on their bottoms
  • Kneel down – While kneeling down might sound similar to W – position, however, in this on the kid sits on the hips and both legs are intact with feet underneath hips.
  • Encourage a movement based floor activity to let your child change her/his sitting position frequently.
  • For further advice and supervision reach out to your pediatrician or contact occupational therapist


Wonder Mom

  • *https://www.cdchk.org/parent-tips/truth-about-w-sitting/
October 21

Wonder Mom podcast

Wonder Mom Podcast

Mom is not just a word, not just an expression. Mom is World. Listen to a Mom’s heart with me on Wonder Mom podcast at Spotify.

Trailer out now

Welcome to Wonder Mom podcast. This podcast is dedicated to the wonderful moms out there, who have undergone so much in life just to make sure their kids are happy and successful. I would be sharing some poems, my own experiences as mom and will be interviewing great moms around. Stay tuned to catch up latest episodes. Available on various platforms such as; Spotify, Google Podcasts and Pocket Casts.

October 2

You are a daughter

You are a daughter

Feeling disturbed with the rising violence against Women in India? Here is a short poem, ‘You are a daughter’; where I have tried to put all my anger and frustration in words. This, is an attempt to encourage, every girl and women in our Country to come forward and speak for themselves.

They say you are a daughter!
Sometimes Durga sometimes called you Kali,
Sometimes worshipped you and sometimes donated you,
They say you are a daughter!
Taught you bowing,
Taught you to break,
They say you are a daughter!
The ordeal continued,
Sita still kept on burning,
They say you are a daughter!
Now its enough,
As if daughters are not human,
But a mannequin of stuffed bone,
They say you are a daughter!
There is no limit to cruelty,
Inhumanity has crossed all limits,
They say you are a daughter!
Everyone has chosen silence,
Blindfolded their eyes,
You too are asked to keep quiet,
As if nothing happened,
They say you are a daughter!
Coz will kill if you speak,
Will burn you alive, 
Eat you up like monster,
But still they will not be satisfied,
They say you are a daughter!
You don't have the right to live,
And have no right to fly,
You are mere pet of men,
Over which he has right to break,
How can be manhood proven otherwise?
They say you are a daughter!
I am in shock for the mother,
Who gave birth to a devil,
Or she has chosen to be Gandhari?
They say you are a daughter!
You wake up and be a Draupadi,
Take revenge for your insults,
Let there be another Mahabharata,
They say you are a daughter!
Now it's enough said and done,
Be Kali and destroy these devils,
Take revenge for all your insults,
Prove that you too are a human,
You are also hurt and pained,
They say you are a daughter!

– Pearl Vohra Bhatia

September 24

When I met first my Partner…

Abhi toh mohabbat ka aaghaz hai, 
Ajnabee sa naya naya ye ehsaas hai.
Lagne laga koi apna aur khas hai, 
Kya isi ka naam pyar hai?
Koi ajnabee ban gaya zindagani hai, 
Waqt bitana uske sath zarurat hai.
Ikk mulaqat ka ye aalam hai, 
Kya isi ka naam pyar hai?
Yun toh hum mile the pehli baar, 
Dil ko ehsaas tha mile hain kai baar.
Chahat hai yahi hum mile baar baar, 
Kya isi ko kehte hain pyar?
Muskuraye toh hain hum kai baar, 
Par dil hua hai khush pehli baar.
Ye ehsaas rahe bas yuhin barkaraar, 
Kya isi ko kehta hain pyar?
Dil kahe ab maan bhi ja yaar, 
Ye ehsaas hua hai pehli baar.
Pehle kabhi na hua hai dil bekaraar, 
Haan yahi hai pyar,
Ae dil tujhe ho gaya hai pyar.

Wonder Mom
September 21

Brutality of life in Covid Times

Hello Readers, 

To start off, I would like to address the harsh times we all are going through. The pandemic has brought life to a standstill. No schools, no offices, no outings, no vacations. All this feels like we have gone back in time where everyone used to be at home spending time with families and working together. This year has also brought negativity in the thoughts among many individuals. 
So here I am, to bring you all a fresh thought about this pandemic situation around us. We all have studied in Science that, ‘Every action has its equal and opposite reaction.’ We humans have been destroying our nature for so long. Cutting forests for constructions, abusing water, polluting air, exploiting economically weaker sections and being racists. It’s payback time friends. Start changing yourself, to bring in the bigger change in the current situation. 
Let’s all pledge to plant a tree on your special days, to use water wisely, to support others as much as we can and be good living beings. Once, we start being a good living being only then we can call ourselves HUMANS. 


Wonder Mom

September 20

Kudrat ke rang nirale

Zaruri nahi jo chaho zindagi mein wohi mile
Karlo chahe zindagi se lakh gile
Milega wohi jo likha naseebo mein
Kya pata kya likha kiski Taqdeer mein
Ache bure karm ka koi mol nahi
Khuda ne Jo likha bas wohi akhri bol hai
Zindagi se ab Darr lagta hai
Jane kab kaunsa mod le jaye
Khushi se aansu behtar lagte hain
Har pal jo sath reh jate hain
Kisne socha tha ki insaan ek kitanu se darr jayega
Itna khaufshuda hoga ki ghar mein dubak baith jayega
Jo ghurrahta tha kabhi bankar sher dusron pe
Aaj wo baitha hai gharon mein band hoke
Kudrat ka bhi khel nirala hai 
Insaan ke liye buna ikk jaala hai 
Faskar jisme woh ghutt raha hai
Khulkar saans lene ko bhi darr raha hai
Khuda ki naarazgi na jhel paaya 
Toh mukhote ke peeche hai chehra chupaya
Waqt bura hai badlo khudko
Abhi sambhle to bhaviya bachega
Warna kosoge marnoprant bhi khudko

Wonder Mom