Brutality of life in Covid Times

Hello Readers, 

To start off, I would like to address the harsh times we all are going through. The pandemic has brought life to a standstill. No schools, no offices, no outings, no vacations. All this feels like we have gone back in time where everyone used to be at home spending time with families and working together. This year has also brought negativity in the thoughts among many individuals. 
So here I am, to bring you all a fresh thought about this pandemic situation around us. We all have studied in Science that, ‘Every action has its equal and opposite reaction.’ We humans have been destroying our nature for so long. Cutting forests for constructions, abusing water, polluting air, exploiting economically weaker sections and being racists. It’s payback time friends. Start changing yourself, to bring in the bigger change in the current situation. 
Let’s all pledge to plant a tree on your special days, to use water wisely, to support others as much as we can and be good living beings. Once, we start being a good living being only then we can call ourselves HUMANS. 


Wonder Mom

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