Stages of Child Development

Stages of Child Development

Being a new parent, I studied a lot before my delivery about the various stages of child development milestones kids achieve during their early years. I also made sure to pay due attention to my child and help her achieve the milestone smoothly. Trust me, it is not easy. Sometimes, it used to haunt me when Kreesha did not meet the desired milestone. But gradually, I felt it’s ok as every child has different capabilities and is different in their own way. 

What are Milestones?

The both behavioural and physical stages of child development age 0 – 3 years as they grow. The below mentioned stages of child development have been validated by American Academy of Paediatrics. 

Newborn – 3 Months
  • Enjoys tummy time and pushes arms, lift and holds head upwards
  • Opens and closes fists and moves hands to mouth
  • Hands and legs movement to express excitement
  • Lying on back attempts to hold the toy / object placed above their chest, tracks toy sidewards movement with eyes with head positioned centrally
  • Calms down upon rocking, friendly touch and soft sounds
  • Enjoys various body movements
  • Responds to sound or voices with smiles
  • Stares faces and makes eye contact
  • Expresses various needs (hunger / tiredness) with variant cries
  • Coos and smiles
4 months – 6 months old
  • Able to sit with hand support
  • Rolls back to tummy and tummy to back
  • Able to stand with support
  • Reaches out to toys while lying on tummy
  • Lying on back holds feet with hands, uses hands to transfer toys
  • Starts using both hands to explore objects
  • Stays happy when not hungry or sleepy
  • Is used to with environmental sounds by now
  • Carefully listens and respond to words
  • Makes consonant sounds while babbling e.g. ba, da, ta
  • Tries and express various feelings and emotions
  • Love sound making toys
7 – 9 months old
  • Able to sit without support and reach out to toys without falling
  • Swiftly changes position from tummy to sitting or back and vice versa
  • Begins to crawl
  • Starts elbow pushing and head movement while enjoying tummy time
  • Head movement to track objects while sitting with more body control
  • Uses thumbs and finger to pick objects
  • Tries to imitate other during play
  • Starts enjoying bounce and rocking movements
  • Enjoys a variety of movements – bouncing up and down, rocking back and forth
  • Explores an object with both hands and mouth
  • Starts turning pages of a board book
  • Learns the amount of forces needed to pick certain objects
  • Examines the surroundings and toys with context to shape, size, texture, feel and comfort level
  • Is an environmental scanner and enjoys while in different positions
  • Makes use of more sounds and babbling while communicating
  • Identifies familiar objects and people when named
  • Recognizes sound of their name
  • Likes to participate in two way communication
  • Follows and understands regular commands with gestures
  • Responds to familiar words
  • Uses simple gestures to communicate e.g. No, yes, 
10 – 12 months old
  • Pulls out furniture to move along
  • Able to stand alone and make independent steps
  • Able to maintain balance while in sitting position and throwing objects
  • Claps hands
  • Able to put objects in a container with wide opening
  • Uses thumbs and Index finger to pick things up
  • Enjoys music
  • Calls out mama or dada
  • Understands the command “Come here”
  • Uses long gibberish sentences in social communication
  • Knows and says few word
  • Pays attention to your vision and pointing
  • Responds to “no”
  • Uses hand gestures to communicate
  • Might be ready to start self feeding with utensils
  • Enjoys a greater variety of smells and tastes
13-18 Month Milestones
  • Able to walk independently
  • Can pick up toys while squatting
  • Able to stack two objects in hands
  • Helps with getting dressed/undressed
  • Has a regular sleep schedule
  • Might be able to use 5-10 words
  • Able to combines sounds and gestures
  • Tries to imitates simple words and actions
  • Is able to consistently follow simple directions
  • Builds interest in pictures
  • Is able to identify 1-2 body parts when named
  • Able to understand around 50 words
  • Easily responds to questions
  • Sometimes repeats words heard during conversations
  • Able to points at familiar objects and people in pictures
  • Understands prepositions like “in” and “on”
  • Is able to respond to yes/no questions with head shake/nod
  • Can hold and drinks from a cup
19 – 24 months old
  • Being able to use at least 50 words
  • Tries consistently to imitates new words
  • Is able to name familiar objects and pictures
  • Able to understands simple pronouns 
  • Should be able to identify 3-5 body parts 
  • Able to understand new words quickly

By 24 months:

  • Begins to use 2 word phrases
  • Uses simple pronouns (me, you, my)
  • Understands action words
  • Uses gestures and words during pretend play
  • Follows 2-step related directions e.g. “Pick up your coat and bring it to me”
  • Enjoys listening to stories


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