Take Care of babies during winter

Take care of babies in winters

Winter is the most loved season of all. We all love the cool breeze and non sweaty weather. However, the season also brings in the difficult situation for kids. It becomes crucial to take care of babies during winter. Babies tend to get affected by the cold winds and the chillness in the weather. So here I am sharing a few things I took care of during the first winters of Kreesha. 

The need of care during winters

Newbies need much more care and continuous supervision before they are able enough to take care on their own. However, the winter season demands extra care as the dropping temperatures stimulate various infectious bacteria and viruses which may affect their skin, body and overall health. The immune system witnesses a drop as the body has to continuously function to keep vital organs working well. This continuous functioning burns out most of the body energy leaving it hard for the immune system to function well. 

Various problems babies suffer from during winters

Winters bring in the season of cold, cough and flu. The cold breeze and dropping temperature enhances the spread of virus affecting almost anyone in a matter of time. As parents, we all make sure to take care of babies during winter. The common winter diseases are:

  • Bronchiolitis
  • Influenza
  • Croup
  • Rhinovirus
  • Breathing Problems

Symptoms to look for

Cough and cold are very common during winter and you might not need any medical assistance for the same. Home remedies are good for basic cold and cough (Speaking of personal experience). But if you notice any of these below mentioned symptoms, consult your pediatrician immediately.

  • Severe coughing with vomiting
  • Trouble breathing – child may take small breaths or gasp
  • Makes wheezing sound while sleeping or after coughing
  • Feels fatigue
  • May encounter chest pain
  • Runny nose, fever, cough along with headache

How to take care of babies during winter

I understand that every parent has their own pattern of parenting and caring for their kids. I am just sharing my personal experience, what all helped me when Kreesha was young. 

Humidifier is the need of hour

The winter season brings with it dryness in air as well. Using a humidifier in homes helps to maintain the room’s moisture level and helps in easy breathing. Also, if you are using room heaters, a humidifier helps to maintain the babies’ skin moisture level. Since, we were using heaters so we used to put a wet towel in the room to maintain the moisture level. (I did not want to put money in any electrical device)

Body moisturizer is must even for babies

Babies’ skin is very delicate and sensitive which can further be dried up with the harshness of the winter season. Using a baby cream or a lotion rich in shea butter and milk cream is good for babies’ skin. I used to moisturize Kreesha’s skin with Almond oil / Desi Ghee + Camphor. The desi ghee and camphor mix also helps keep the baby warm. 

Avoid Soap / Shampoo regularly

Using soap or shampoo on the kid will only make the skin dry and drier. Regular bathing is good, however applying soap daily will harm the skin, so try applying (Milk Cream + Gram flour (besan) once in a week. This will not only moisturise your baby’s skin but also smooths it out. 

Regular Massage helps

Regular body massage helps stimulate blood flow in the body and triggers immunity of the baby. Various baby massage oils are available in the market, however, during winters I personally preferred massaging Kreesha with Heated up Desi Ghee. Just a gentle reminder, keep the room warm while massaging your child. 

Do not over cover your child

Covering your kid with caps, jackets, gloves and socks might restrict their body movements. Instead keep the clothes minimal with cotton or muslin to avoid body rubs. Try putting on warm inners with a cotton t-shirt and pyjamas / leggings. Cotton socks and gloves are a good option to cover your child with. While sleeping try avoiding heavy blankets rather use a soft light blanket with warm night dress. Putting on socks and gloves while sleeping might risk the brain health of the child. Keep the room temperature optimal to sleep comfortably. 


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