Hop Along Your Child

Hop Along Your kids

“Hop a little, jump a little, skip a little, slide a little” a nursery rhyme almost every toddler loves to dance on. So, why not hop along your child and be a child again? Hopping helps kids to develop stronger leg muscles and enhance dynamic balance among kids. 

What is hopping?

A rhythmic skill in continuity which needs body balancing while taking off and landing on feet / foot repeatedly.

What age should your toddler start hopping?

The ideal age for hopping is considered to be 3+. However, some kids might start hopping as soon as they start jumping. Hopping is slightly difficult than jumping as it involves more muscle strength and body balancing skill. 

How to train your child to hop?

To train your child to hop, you have to hop along your child. Seeing you hopping around the child would make efforts to try hopping and moving out of their comfort zone. You can start training your 2+ old toddler for hopping. 

Start with basic skills required:

  • Bending leg upon landing
  • Take off requires straight legs
  • Landing and take off to be on the ball of the foot
  • Maintaining body rhythm
  • Head and back to be stable
  • Arms to bent and swing in forward direction
  • Hopping on both left and right leg

Teaching hopping to your child

  • Start with one leg balancing. Stand on one leg and get your child to try the same.
  • Show your child the ball of foot and practice along the skill to push off while taking off for a hop.
  • Make sure your child has focused and stable upper body
  • Bend the arms and swing forward

Signs to know your kid is ready to learn hopping

  • Your child has started balancing on one leg
  • Swinging arms backwards while trying to take off in forward direction
  • Use of toes while taking off

Benefits of Hopping

  • Age appropriate physical and motor development.
  • Development of advanced sense of balance.
  • Effective co-ordination between your kid’s brain and muscles.
  • Development of good body control.


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