Tummy Time = Fun Time

Tummy Time

It’s fun time for your infant. Kids enjoy this exercise and consider more of a play activity. Tummy time strengthens their muscles and help them grow as a strong individual. The American Academy of Pediatricis suggests that tummy time should be started as the child gets back home from hospital.

What is tummy time?

It is a technique to enable your infant to move their hands and legs. The kids are laid down on their stomach with some toys and playful things around. This helped her in early crawling and walking. 

Tummy Time is one of baby’s first exercises—and the most important! It is the period during the day your baby spends awake and on their stomach. It is a crucial exercise for baby’s visual, motor, and sensory development. Baby can begin Tummy Time as a newborn, and continue throughout baby’s first year.


Benefits for your new born:

  • Develop their core muscles of back, shoulders and neck
  • Meet developmental milestones easily
  • Enhanced Motor skills
  • Prevents flat head

How to do?

  • The preferred and suggested time by doctors for is after the baby wakes up from a nap or after diaper change
  • Preferred place: Clean floor with playmat or clean towel
  • Baby Position: Baby lying on his/her tummy over the mat / towel
  • Tools: Place some likeable toys for baby to stay motivated
  • Time: Twice / thrice a day for 4 – 5 minutes each session
  • Follow up – Increase the time slowly as your baby starts enjoying the sessions.

“Always Remember: Back to Sleep, Tummy to Play!”

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Activities for kid

  • Get down with your baby
  • Place interesting toys
  • Chat with your kid
  • Place a mirror to let baby watch him / her making moves
  • Encourage your child by clapping, pointing fingers for them to hold


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