Easy Activities for early walk

Easy activities for early walk

Weeks back I shared my concern over parental worries for delayed milestone achievements by their kids. I have met moms who are worried about their kids’ development, and I always mention that every child is different. I also mentioned that I would share some easy activities for early walk and speech development, which I have used with my own kid. However, I would also mention here that, don’t force your child into these activities, if s/he is not comfortable. Also, connect with your pediatrician, if you have any doubts about your kid’s developmental delays. 

Easy Activities for early walk

  • Tummy Time is good exercise to boost your child’s motor skills and muscle development. You can start the tummy time of your child at as early as at 2 months of age. I have earlier shared the detailed article for tummy time mentioning how it is to be done and the benefits of the same. Tummy time helps your child strengthen thigh muscles to hold body weight. 
  • Crawl with your child and show them their favorite toy above eye level for them to make an effort to reach out. The curiosity to catch the toy will enable the child to make extra effort, this will help them boost their strength. 
  • Regular Massage with baby oil or desi ghee boosts the muscle strength and also provides energy to kids. Massage relaxes the muscles of your kid and offers them a soothing feeling. Kids feel pampered and loved. 
  • Massage when your child starts standing while holding onto an object. When your child stands up holding a table or chair, try and massage their legs at that time. This massage helps their calf muscles to gain more strength and kids respond to it while making a move. 
  • Assist your child in taking first steps by holding hands. Let your kids take first steps with your support.     

PS: Avoid Wheeled walkers for your kid as it might affect their muscle development. (My Paediatrician advised)


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