Introducing Weaving to Kids

Introducing Weaving to kids

Introducing weaving to your toddler is a lot more fun. It brings excitement among kids and helps boost their concentration power. When I introduced weaving to Kreesha, she started placing beads to her fingers to get the grip and gradually she learnt the weaving technique. I can directly show you how to introduce weaving to your kids, however, I prefer sharing the benefits and challenges you might face while introducing this new skill to your toddler. 

Why is introducing Weaving to kids important?

  • It helps strengthen fine motor skills (Pincer Grasp)
  • Eye – Hand Coordination
  • Pattern and sequencing understanding
  • Understanding of Spatial Concepts
  • Enhances visual tracking
  • Boosts creativity
  • Keeps the child calm and composed

Stages of Weaving

  • Introduction – I introduced weaving to Kreesha with straws – basket and thread – beads. Starting with daily household material helps kids to adapt to new development easily. They don’t consider the new activity as some rocket science.  
  • Introducing Patterns – Once Kreesha got used to the method of weaving I introduced patterns to her. Like, Straw colour pattern / Beads colour pattern / Basket pattern. 
  • Ribbon / Yarn weaving – Once the child gets familiar to patterns, we can move ahead one step to ribbon / yarn weaving. All you need is different colour yarn threads / ribbons, threaded frame (can be homemade). The yarn weaving helps kids develop creativity and enhances their imagination. 
  • Paper Plate weaving – Paper plate weaving is a little tricky as it involves a needle. I would not advise paper plate weaving till the child is 4 years old and that too under complete supervision. Paper plate weaving helps build movement understanding among kids. 

Fun Weaving Patterns for Preschoolers

  • Loom Weaving – You can use any material as a loom which has a net pattern. 
  • Paper Weaving – Kids can weave paper strips to a larger paper with pattern cutout.
  • Branch Weaving – A broken branch of a tree is also good to introduce weaving to kids.
  • Frame Weaving – A wooden frame or a popsicles frame is also a good option for kids to weave a pattern.
  • Cardboard Weaving – You can make holes in the cardboard for your kids to weave a beautiful pattern
  • Window Weaving – If you have grills on your window pane, your kid can enjoy the weaving on the same as well. 
  • Large room weaving – Convert a large room to weaving loom by attaching strings / threads to corners / walls / furniture of the room. This activity is also a fun activity for your child’s friends during birthday parties.
  • Outdoor weaving – Get your child out in the garden and find a loom for your child to weave various leaves or stems. 


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