It was my birthday !

Happy Birthday

Welcome back! Sorry, I was off track for few days. It was my birthday yesterday and we had been planning for this special of mine for quite a long time now.

The planning was for the family’s Gala dinner at our place with a brief invitation to my own biological parents (because of whom this day was possible). The planning was for the menu, (since we are Punjabis so some staple dishes are a mandate to include in every get-together and rest can be added if someone wishes), dresses (what is specific to kurti pajami, the only choice given is colours) duh, and the not so playabale list of songs (which are never ever played in our family).

So, when all the basic planning is done, next in the list comes who is cooking what. And guess what, the birthday girl would be the one cooking most of the dishes for aalllll family members. Poor me

The day comes, and I start cooking at 10 in the morning winds up cooking at 6 in the evening. Gets ready for the great evening thinking that now, it would be fun (atleast). My daughter Kreesha is much more excited than me and gets the ambience rocking with her dance moves and her love for cake cutting.

For once, I almost forgot that it’s my birthday and witness my supergirl cash -in all the attention on my behalf. I never thought of such a day in my life before yesterday. But as it is said, “Everything is bound to happen for the first time. “

Share your birthday experiences with your toddlers and let’s explore the fun within.


Wonder Mom

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