Mother – Perfect Juggler

Mother a Perfect Juggler

Have you ever heard that a mother is a perfect juggler. No, then let me introduce you to this iconic Personality, Mother – perfect Juggler. Yes, then either you are a mother yourself or have witnessed someone very close being a juggler. 

I call mother a perfect juggler, as only she has the capacity in the family to multitask work with perfection. She is the one who works 24*7*365 days without any leave only sick leave allowed. Well speaking of sick leaves that are also not allowed much. The mother has to think twice before she takes her sick leave. She has to think about her kids, husband and family. She knows very well, once she takes a leave, everyone will be in trouble. Kids will have a distrubed routine, husbands might need to take a leave from work and other family members will be stressed about her health. So, she will avoid taking a day’s off till the time she feels extremely tired or ill (jab tak girne ki naubat na aa jaye). 

All this is topped up, when you are a working mother. Ohh gosh… it’s the most difficult part of being a woman. It’s like You have to juggle it double. Manage your house, kids and family and then off to work, then back at home with tasks in hand. Now you all might say that there are maids and servants at home to help you out. But even with maids or helpers around, you can’t deny the significant role a woman plays in a family. Being a perfect juggler isn’t easy, especially when you start admiring yourself. Yes admiring yourself is as necessary as feeding your child. When you admire yourself, you take care of yourself, then working round the clock for your family gets easier. 

I have experienced it myself. I have my kid, the entire family of six members and my own business to handle. It used to be a little frustrating in the initial days after delivery. I had no clue as to how to manage everything and work simultaneously. Then, one day my husband told me to look after myself and my health. I ignored him initially, but later that day only, Kreesha saw my old pics and expressed her wish to see me like the old days. I understood, if I want my family to be happy, I have to be ha[[y about everything and everyone around me. The family reciprocates a woman’s feelings and thoughts. So, I started work-out, yoga and a bit of dance. I also mended my diet a little to accommodate more healthy food options. 

And what I witnessed was amazing. Kreesha started copying me during yoga and dance sessions. My family started eating healthy food and this change of basic habits helped me perfectly juggle my roles between an entrepreneur, mother, wife and daughter-in-law. 

Tip: Keep yourself healthy, fit and active. Rest all will work smooth


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