Mother’s heart

Mother's heart - what a mother wants for her daughter

Every child means the world to mothers. However, a daughter holds a special place in every mother’s heart. A mother’s heart always wishes good for her kids. How does a mother feel, when she gives birth to a girl child. A mother is full of joy, fears and endless emotions. She starts thinking about every moment, she will be spending with her daughter now. Here is a short poem, an effort to express what a mother feels for her daughter. I have also written the hindi translation for the same, which can be read here:

Someone says you look like grandmother,
Someone says you like father.
But I say you are like me,
The same naughtiness, same stubbornness. 
Same smile, same boyhood. 
Same anger same passion. 
Same attitude, same freshness. 
I see myself in you,
I find my you childhood in you.
I also wonder sometimes,
Seeing your suppressed gimmick. 
Gosh! your attitude,
Your sparing style dude. 
You are my life 
You are my world.
But when you grow older 
You will ask many questions 
I will try hard
to fulfill your word.
You will be talkative,
Will share new things daily.
Someday this friend of yours,
Someday the other friend of yours.
Everything will start from you,
You are my life
You are my world.
You will be mature 
You will go to college 
New people will meet 
New friends will be made 
But don't wander your way 
Do not trust anyone easily 
This world is very bad 
You are my little doll 
You make new friends 
You roam around with friends
But do remember one thing 
Your Ma should know everything.
I will become your friend 
There should no secrets between us.
You are my life
You are my world. 
When you will marry 
Everyone will be happy 
I will be all alone 
Then there will be no friend with me 
How will I take care of you? 
Who will ask me how are you?
You will have your own world 
Without me in your world 
I will pray every moment 
You meet someone who is right 
Your happiness should never part ways
Never should sadness enter your ways
You are my life
You are my world.


Wonder Mom

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