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Child couching while sleeping

Couching Child While Sleeping

You might be surprised to always have your child couched to you while s/he is sleeping. Or if you have passed that infant stage of your child, then you might remember the way your child used to sleep on you, almost couching to you while sleeping. Well, when Kreesha was born, I was happy initially, to have her sleeping close to my heart. But, gradually, I started worrying, as she would wake up if I made her sleep in bed. 

I used to feel guilty of not being able to work enough when my child sleeps (as I was supposed to do). When I felt helpless, I started resting with her during her nap time of the day. This change brought in some positive energy in both of us (me and Kreesha). We bonded well together, she started feeling secure. And, while she was awake, I was now able to work sitting besides her. 

Then, I realized that the child couching while sleeping to the mother, is nothing more than nature’s rule. This is natural for kids, as the bond between a child and the mother pushes the sleepy child towards the latter. This is just to ensure that the mother gets adequate rest while her child is at sleep. 

Now, you would be curious to know how this exactly works. So when you child sleeps couching to you, s/he wants you to rest for a bit. Also, co-sleeping with your child strengthens the bond between mother and child. When I realized this very fact, I preferred Kreesha sleeping in my lap. She feels secure with my presence around her. Therefore, she also prefers couching to me while she is sleeping. As per our Indian tradition, it is said that, when the child is sleeping and the mother is away, it is best to put a used cloth (mother’s used scarf) besides the kid’s pillow to ensure the comfort level of the child.  


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