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Kids and Tantrums

Kids and Tantrums - How to deal with them without panic

Sometimes I feel that during pregnancy I should have been warned by elders that kids and tantrums go simultaneously. These little ones sometimes are difficult to handle. 

When kreesha started expressing herself, I was very happy. Happy that my child has started expressing herself earlier than other kids of her age. But hardly I knew that, this expressing power will also have tantrums, and aggression. She used to get aggressive if we did not respond to her. Her tantrums were very pretty cute. She would pretend as if she is not happy with us and is in no talk mood. 

I could not understand initially how to handle these delicate moments. Coz, shouting would not have helped. So I began with making friends with her. We would both discuss and then come to a mutual agreement for various matters. 

For instance, if she needs amla candy she knows, she will not get more than 2 at a time. She knows she has 20 minutes to watch tv before her breakfast. We both have come to an agreement that we will not watch tv while having food. Once done with breakfast its learning time. 

So, what I am trying establish here is that, basically setting a routine and a pattern of activities helped both me and Kreesha understand each other better. We mutually agreed upon this scheduled activity of ours. 

Now she throws tantrums only when she is either hungry or sleepy. So those rare situations are dealt with mind distraction with games of her interest or her photos and videos watched together. And once she is calm I feed her or make her sleep. 

Trust me being friends with your child and setting a pattern of activities and daily routine helps control kids and tantrums a lot.


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