Post Covid – First Month of School

Hello Mommies,

It’s been very long since I connected with you all. What to say, I have been busy settling down in my new home and getting my daughter settle in her new school. Yes! We shifted from Delhi to Gurgaon for Kreesha’s better education and society. She now goes to Kunskapsskolan International and I am pretty happy with my decision.

She took good 1 month to settle in the new setting and environment. For her school and friends meant only online classes on zoom. But this was a different experience all together for her and me. She had to go away from home (her comfort zone) that too without mom and for me I had to wait for hours for her to come back and share her experiences with me.

On her first day, I went to school to pick her up and found her crying badly while coming out. I got shattered into pieces. In the evening I got a call from her Base Group Coach, sharing her 1st hand experience with Kreesha on the first day of the school. Coach mentioned me that Kreesha was sleepy and cranky throughout the day but also said that it is understood since there is a change in the routine.

Though Kreesha never cried of going to school, yet she wasn’t herself. After first month, we had development discussion session (PTM) at school, where we were told that Kreesha is submissive, doesn’t speak, don’t understand things going around. I was taken aback. It was my husband who showed Kreesha’s videos of active learning, playing around and being a curious child to her Coach. That was the moment of truth for both of us (Me & coach).

We had the loads of work to be done… We had to put in extra effort to make Kreesha comfortable in this new setting of Physical Schooling setup. I am very thankful to the Kunskapsskolan’s non – traditional setup that my child was able to learn to explore new surroundings easily. Kreesha is now an avid learner, an inquisitive soul, and wonderful orator.

I had heard various concerns of peer mothers during this 1 month and today we all are happy and satisfied parents.

With Love,

Wonder Mom

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