The feeling of being Mom

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Loads of love and wishes from Wonder Mom! Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!

I have always heard that being a mom is a wonderful gift to women on this earth. However, I was too afraid to be one. As any other girl, I told my husband before our marriage, I will not plan a baby before two years. He also agreed to the same, as we wanted the ‘We Time’ for us. But, guess what, destiny had some other plans for us! Once we slipped a chance and boom… I was pregnant.  😑

But before I could know that, I was gymming and exercising to lose my increased weight. I used to be sick almost every other day. Infact, once I fainted while working in my office. That’s when I went for the check up and got the confirmation of being pregnant. Now, most of you must be wondering why I didn’t get confirmation at home with the test kit available. Well, I did that too but due to imbalance in hormones it showed me wrong results. I got scared, scared to the hell, as I was mentally not prepared for the child. Then, I don’t know what happened suddenly, and I was feeling good, actually feeling excited. 

My husband had no clue of what has actually changed my state of mind, but, I guess, it was the feeling of being blessed and the excitement of seeing yourself once again in your child. ( Though it never happened. She is not like me 😞)    

So here I was, to be a new mom, with all excitement, fear, enthusiasm, courage, and many other abstract feelings waiting for my child to come into the world.      


Wonder Mom                                     

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