September 28

Kids and decision power

Confused kid

Aksar hum apne bachon par apni marzi thop dete hain. Jaane anjaane unme hum apne khoye huye sapno ko dekhne lagte hain. Kiu hum ye bhul jate hain ki unki apni alag pehchaan hain. Humne sirf janm diya hai unke liye faisle lene ka haq hum nahi rakhte. Wo hamare ansh zarur hain. Par hamare toote bikhre sapno ka bhaar wo naazuk kandhe nahi utha sakte.

Hum ye kiu bhul jate hain ki unki ichchayein unki zindagi bilkul alag hai. Hum kiu unki khudki pehchaan unse chinna chahte hain, kiu hum unhe khulkar jeene nahi dena chahte. Bataur mata pita hamara farz hona chaie unke khudke sapno mein pankh lagana. Unhe unke faisle khud lene ka mauka dena. Main khud iss bat ko maanti hun aur bejhijhak follow bhi karti hun.

Sab tokte bhi hain mujhe, ki main kreesha se abhi se kiu puchti hun ki wo kya pehnegi, kya khelna hai ussey, kaunsa toy chaie usko, sabkuch. Par ye sab islie kiuki main nahi chahti ki ussey kabhi bhi aisa lage ki mera mann nahi hai par karna padega kiuki mumma ne bola. Bache ke mann kabhi ye khayal na aaye ki ye kaam ye padhai hum kisike kehne par kar rae hain. Bas yahi kehna hai aaj ki ek baar hum bachon ko unki zindagi ke faisle lene ka mauka toh de. Unhe ek baar kahe bacha tum chinta mat karo ma hai na tumhare sath.

Wonder Mom

September 25

The feeling of being Mom

Hello Readers, 

Loads of love and wishes from Wonder Mom! Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!

I have always heard that being a mom is a wonderful gift to women on this earth. However, I was too afraid to be one. As any other girl, I told my husband before our marriage, I will not plan a baby before two years. He also agreed to the same, as we wanted the ‘We Time’ for us. But, guess what, destiny had some other plans for us! Once we slipped a chance and boom… I was pregnant.  😑

But before I could know that, I was gymming and exercising to lose my increased weight. I used to be sick almost every other day. Infact, once I fainted while working in my office. That’s when I went for the check up and got the confirmation of being pregnant. Now, most of you must be wondering why I didn’t get confirmation at home with the test kit available. Well, I did that too but due to imbalance in hormones it showed me wrong results. I got scared, scared to the hell, as I was mentally not prepared for the child. Then, I don’t know what happened suddenly, and I was feeling good, actually feeling excited. 

My husband had no clue of what has actually changed my state of mind, but, I guess, it was the feeling of being blessed and the excitement of seeing yourself once again in your child. ( Though it never happened. She is not like me 😞)    

So here I was, to be a new mom, with all excitement, fear, enthusiasm, courage, and many other abstract feelings waiting for my child to come into the world.      


Wonder Mom                                     

September 23

Ma banne ka safar

Toh laga purn ho gayi main
Tumne satana shuru kiya 
Toh laga fass gayi main
Tumhari wo pehli kick, 
Tumhari wo pehli dhadkan
Jab suni toh jee uthi firse main
Tumhara sath mujhe gudgudata tha
Toh kabhi bahut rulata bhi tha
Najane ye kaisa rishta tha
Bina dekhe bina mile jo juda tha
Ye na khoon ka rishta tha
Aur ye hi naam ka rishta tha
Kiuki wo toh tumhe pita se mila tha
Par ye ek ehsaas ka rishta tha
Ek bharose ka rishta tha
Ehsaas jisne humein sath bandha 
Bharosa jo tumne mujhpe kiya
Tabhi toh mujhe apni ma chuna
Shukra guzaar hun main tumhari 
Aur tumhare nau mahine ke sath ki
Warna na jane kaisa hota tum bin 
Ye maa banne ka safar.

Wonder Mom
September 21

Brutality of life in Covid Times

Hello Readers, 

To start off, I would like to address the harsh times we all are going through. The pandemic has brought life to a standstill. No schools, no offices, no outings, no vacations. All this feels like we have gone back in time where everyone used to be at home spending time with families and working together. This year has also brought negativity in the thoughts among many individuals. 
So here I am, to bring you all a fresh thought about this pandemic situation around us. We all have studied in Science that, ‘Every action has its equal and opposite reaction.’ We humans have been destroying our nature for so long. Cutting forests for constructions, abusing water, polluting air, exploiting economically weaker sections and being racists. It’s payback time friends. Start changing yourself, to bring in the bigger change in the current situation. 
Let’s all pledge to plant a tree on your special days, to use water wisely, to support others as much as we can and be good living beings. Once, we start being a good living being only then we can call ourselves HUMANS. 


Wonder Mom