December 1

Let your kids help you

Let your kids help you

Do you let your kids help you in daily household chores? Well Kreesha is about to be 2 years and she has already started helping me in the daily chores. Some parents may counter that we should not be asking our little kids to help us in household chores. They may say we are privileged enough to afford helpers in the house and need not ask any help / assistance from our kids. 

To all those parents who think by not asking to contribute to the household work, they are protecting their kids; I would like to say, sorry boss, you are wrong. Kids who help their parents and family in the household chores are more sorted in their lives.  

From my personal experience, I can say that kids helping in household chores learn:

Early Age Skills
  • Life Skills: Your kids ain’t gonna be kids always. They have to move out one day from their comfort zone. For that, it is best to impart some of the basic life skills in their upbringing such as, laundry, budgeting, cleaning, cooking, etc. There is house help available everywhere these days, but it is good to know these basics so that when needed your child is not dependent on others. 
  • Responsibility: Home is the place where a child learns sense of responsibility. When a kid is regularly assigned some basic chores, it helps them learn responsibility. The kids also take pride in believing their importance and contribution to parents and family. 
  • Self Reliance – Assign some tasks which affect your kids directly, for example, organizing toys, cleaning their room, picking up their used plates, etc. This will help them be self reliant.
  • Teamwork – The importance of teamwork and being the productive member of one, is the basic life lesson a child learns at home. A child understands that family members are a team; accountable to each other and the consequences of the tasks done by them are to be borne by all. These lessons help the child develop strong teamwork skills for later life. 
Young Age Skills
  • Self Respect – When kids contribute their little in the daily chores or in general help their parents out; it enhances their self confidence. Kids start respecting their parents for their efforts.
  • Strong work ethics – Rewarding your child for the task well done inspires the child to perform best at their school. It also enhances their will power to perform outside once they are teens.
  • Planning – Participating in chores can help young kids develop planning and time management skills. The variant activities like housework, school deadlines as well as their social lives help them set priorities. 
  • Strengthens bond – Working together as a team, we help each other which helps us strengthen our bond as a family. 


Wonder Mom

October 21

Basic House activities for kids to involve in

House Activities for kids

So, here I am with a significant post about Various House Activities for kids. As parents, we believe or understand, that we should not let our kids work or participate in daily house activities. But trust me, by doing this, you are only deteriorating your kid. Involving kids in some of the house activities is not only good for them, but also, makes you more comfortable around your kid. You as parents / guardians get more time to spend with your kids. In return, your kids start respecting every household chore and understand the value of co-working in family.

These activities are your basic daily house chores, but, as a mother I believe, if you engage your child (girl / boy), it enables them to be:
  • Independent
  • Confident about themselves
  • Future ready for life struggles
  • Empathetic towards others

Organizing room and house

When we wake up, Kreesha and her dad take the responsibility of organizing bed back to perfection. They fold up the blankets, straighten the sheets and put those unorganized pillows back to their places. Involving Kreesha in this basic activity, is all to teach her basic etiquettes of cleaning and organizing. This daily routine of hers has helped me a lot. She puts back her toys in the closet on her own, once she is done playing. She never leaves her toys scattered around the house. This habit has also ensured that she understands the value of co-working in a family.

Feeding Pets

Yes, the second daily activity we involve our child in feeding our pet. We have a pug at our place, and whenever we its his food time, we ensure Kreesha feeds him or sits with us while feeding him. Initially, I wasn’t sure of this but I have witnessed a good and gradual change in her behavior. Kreesha now asks everyone for food in the family. If we have a guest at home, she makes sure they are fed properly. She would try to serve them with her small hands, in every possible way, just to ensure they are eating. She never leaves her food wasted. Now, infact, she has started feeding to birds, water plants as she is slowly understanding they are living beings.