October 8

Child couching while sleeping

Couching Child While Sleeping

You might be surprised to always have your child couched to you while s/he is sleeping. Or if you have passed that infant stage of your child, then you might remember the way your child used to sleep on you, almost couching to you while sleeping. Well, when Kreesha was born, I was happy initially, to have her sleeping close to my heart. But, gradually, I started worrying, as she would wake up if I made her sleep in bed. 

I used to feel guilty of not being able to work enough when my child sleeps (as I was supposed to do). When I felt helpless, I started resting with her during her nap time of the day. This change brought in some positive energy in both of us (me and Kreesha). We bonded well together, she started feeling secure. And, while she was awake, I was now able to work sitting besides her. 

Then, I realized that the child couching while sleeping to the mother, is nothing more than nature’s rule. This is natural for kids, as the bond between a child and the mother pushes the sleepy child towards the latter. This is just to ensure that the mother gets adequate rest while her child is at sleep. 

Now, you would be curious to know how this exactly works. So when you child sleeps couching to you, s/he wants you to rest for a bit. Also, co-sleeping with your child strengthens the bond between mother and child. When I realized this very fact, I preferred Kreesha sleeping in my lap. She feels secure with my presence around her. Therefore, she also prefers couching to me while she is sleeping. As per our Indian tradition, it is said that, when the child is sleeping and the mother is away, it is best to put a used cloth (mother’s used scarf) besides the kid’s pillow to ensure the comfort level of the child.  


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October 7

Mother’s heart

Mother's heart - what a mother wants for her daughter

Every child means the world to mothers. However, a daughter holds a special place in every mother’s heart. A mother’s heart always wishes good for her kids. How does a mother feel, when she gives birth to a girl child. A mother is full of joy, fears and endless emotions. She starts thinking about every moment, she will be spending with her daughter now. Here is a short poem, an effort to express what a mother feels for her daughter. I have also written the hindi translation for the same, which can be read here:


Someone says you look like grandmother,
Someone says you like father.
But I say you are like me,
The same naughtiness, same stubbornness. 
Same smile, same boyhood. 
Same anger same passion. 
Same attitude, same freshness. 
I see myself in you,
I find my you childhood in you.
I also wonder sometimes,
Seeing your suppressed gimmick. 
Gosh! your attitude,
Your sparing style dude. 
You are my life 
You are my world.
But when you grow older 
You will ask many questions 
I will try hard
to fulfill your word.
You will be talkative,
Will share new things daily.
Someday this friend of yours,
Someday the other friend of yours.
Everything will start from you,
You are my life
You are my world.
You will be mature 
You will go to college 
New people will meet 
New friends will be made 
But don't wander your way 
Do not trust anyone easily 
This world is very bad 
You are my little doll 
You make new friends 
You roam around with friends
But do remember one thing 
Your Ma should know everything.
I will become your friend 
There should no secrets between us.
You are my life
You are my world. 
When you will marry 
Everyone will be happy 
I will be all alone 
Then there will be no friend with me 
How will I take care of you? 
Who will ask me how are you?
You will have your own world 
Without me in your world 
I will pray every moment 
You meet someone who is right 
Your happiness should never part ways
Never should sadness enter your ways
You are my life
You are my world.


Wonder Mom

October 6

Mother – Perfect Juggler

Mother a Perfect Juggler

Have you ever heard that a mother is a perfect juggler. No, then let me introduce you to this iconic Personality, Mother – perfect Juggler. Yes, then either you are a mother yourself or have witnessed someone very close being a juggler. 

I call mother a perfect juggler, as only she has the capacity in the family to multitask work with perfection. She is the one who works 24*7*365 days without any leave only sick leave allowed. Well speaking of sick leaves that are also not allowed much. The mother has to think twice before she takes her sick leave. She has to think about her kids, husband and family. She knows very well, once she takes a leave, everyone will be in trouble. Kids will have a distrubed routine, husbands might need to take a leave from work and other family members will be stressed about her health. So, she will avoid taking a day’s off till the time she feels extremely tired or ill (jab tak girne ki naubat na aa jaye). 

All this is topped up, when you are a working mother. Ohh gosh… it’s the most difficult part of being a woman. It’s like You have to juggle it double. Manage your house, kids and family and then off to work, then back at home with tasks in hand. Now you all might say that there are maids and servants at home to help you out. But even with maids or helpers around, you can’t deny the significant role a woman plays in a family. Being a perfect juggler isn’t easy, especially when you start admiring yourself. Yes admiring yourself is as necessary as feeding your child. When you admire yourself, you take care of yourself, then working round the clock for your family gets easier. 

I have experienced it myself. I have my kid, the entire family of six members and my own business to handle. It used to be a little frustrating in the initial days after delivery. I had no clue as to how to manage everything and work simultaneously. Then, one day my husband told me to look after myself and my health. I ignored him initially, but later that day only, Kreesha saw my old pics and expressed her wish to see me like the old days. I understood, if I want my family to be happy, I have to be ha[[y about everything and everyone around me. The family reciprocates a woman’s feelings and thoughts. So, I started work-out, yoga and a bit of dance. I also mended my diet a little to accommodate more healthy food options. 

And what I witnessed was amazing. Kreesha started copying me during yoga and dance sessions. My family started eating healthy food and this change of basic habits helped me perfectly juggle my roles between an entrepreneur, mother, wife and daughter-in-law. 

Tip: Keep yourself healthy, fit and active. Rest all will work smooth


Wonder Mom

October 3

Kids and Tantrums

Kids and Tantrums - How to deal with them without panic

Sometimes I feel that during pregnancy I should have been warned by elders that kids and tantrums go simultaneously. These little ones sometimes are difficult to handle. 

When kreesha started expressing herself, I was very happy. Happy that my child has started expressing herself earlier than other kids of her age. But hardly I knew that, this expressing power will also have tantrums, and aggression. She used to get aggressive if we did not respond to her. Her tantrums were very pretty cute. She would pretend as if she is not happy with us and is in no talk mood. 

I could not understand initially how to handle these delicate moments. Coz, shouting would not have helped. So I began with making friends with her. We would both discuss and then come to a mutual agreement for various matters. 

For instance, if she needs amla candy she knows, she will not get more than 2 at a time. She knows she has 20 minutes to watch tv before her breakfast. We both have come to an agreement that we will not watch tv while having food. Once done with breakfast its learning time. 

So, what I am trying establish here is that, basically setting a routine and a pattern of activities helped both me and Kreesha understand each other better. We mutually agreed upon this scheduled activity of ours. 

Now she throws tantrums only when she is either hungry or sleepy. So those rare situations are dealt with mind distraction with games of her interest or her photos and videos watched together. And once she is calm I feed her or make her sleep. 

Trust me being friends with your child and setting a pattern of activities and daily routine helps control kids and tantrums a lot.


Wonder Mom

October 3



Ragi is one of the best food I discover during my initial days with Kreesha. Though, she has never been fussy about food, but still introducing ragi helped me add flavours and different taste to her diet. It is the best substitute to wheat for infants.

Nutritional Value of Ragi:

According to the nutrient database of the U.S.D.A (United States Department Of Agriculture) are as follows:

  • Calorie Intake: 385
Total Fat
Saturated Fat 
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Total Carbohydrates
Dietary Fiber
Thiamine 5%
Riboflavin 7.6%
Niacin 3.7%
Folic Acid 3%
Vitamin C 7%
Vitamin E 4.6%
The nutrition values in a 100 g serving of Ragi Flour

Benefits of Ragi for infants and toddlers:

  • Ragi is rich in fibres which help in easy digestion of food and makes them feel full.
  • Presence of Amino acids helps in cutting down excess fat around liver, thus reducing cholesterol level in child body
  • Prevents obesity in kids
  • Does not cause weight loss
  • Rich source of calcium
  • Contains high amount of Vitamin C which helps in absorption of Iron in body
  • Ragi contains high fibre and polyphenol which controls the sugar level in our bodies
  • Helps in strong bone building
  • Supports Gluten Free Diet
  • Helps maintain bone density
  • Helps baby in sound sleep and control their anxiety levels
  • Vitamin B3 / Niacin and high dietary fibre content helps maintain good HDL level reducing bad LDL level
  • Controls Bowel movement in kids

Recipes for Infants and Toddlers

Ragi Roti: Mash boiled 1/2 potato to 1 cup flour. Now add water to knead a soft dough. Grease tawa / pan with slight ghee. Prepare evenly flattened roti. Place the same onto tawa. Cook on medium heat. When turn brown turn side and cook again.

Ragi Chila: Mix 2 spoon of flour in water to get dosa like consistency batter, add salt to taste. Prepare chilla and serve mashed.

Important Tip: Always Ragi dishes with curd

October 2

You are a daughter

You are a daughter

Feeling disturbed with the rising violence against Women in India? Here is a short poem, ‘You are a daughter’; where I have tried to put all my anger and frustration in words. This, is an attempt to encourage, every girl and women in our Country to come forward and speak for themselves.

They say you are a daughter!
Sometimes Durga sometimes called you Kali,
Sometimes worshipped you and sometimes donated you,
They say you are a daughter!
Taught you bowing,
Taught you to break,
They say you are a daughter!
The ordeal continued,
Sita still kept on burning,
They say you are a daughter!
Now its enough,
As if daughters are not human,
But a mannequin of stuffed bone,
They say you are a daughter!
There is no limit to cruelty,
Inhumanity has crossed all limits,
They say you are a daughter!
Everyone has chosen silence,
Blindfolded their eyes,
You too are asked to keep quiet,
As if nothing happened,
They say you are a daughter!
Coz will kill if you speak,
Will burn you alive, 
Eat you up like monster,
But still they will not be satisfied,
They say you are a daughter!
You don't have the right to live,
And have no right to fly,
You are mere pet of men,
Over which he has right to break,
How can be manhood proven otherwise?
They say you are a daughter!
I am in shock for the mother,
Who gave birth to a devil,
Or she has chosen to be Gandhari?
They say you are a daughter!
You wake up and be a Draupadi,
Take revenge for your insults,
Let there be another Mahabharata,
They say you are a daughter!
Now it's enough said and done,
Be Kali and destroy these devils,
Take revenge for all your insults,
Prove that you too are a human,
You are also hurt and pained,
They say you are a daughter!

– Pearl Vohra Bhatia

October 1

It was my birthday !

Happy Birthday

Welcome back! Sorry, I was off track for few days. It was my birthday yesterday and we had been planning for this special of mine for quite a long time now.

The planning was for the family’s Gala dinner at our place with a brief invitation to my own biological parents (because of whom this day was possible). The planning was for the menu, (since we are Punjabis so some staple dishes are a mandate to include in every get-together and rest can be added if someone wishes), dresses (what is specific to kurti pajami, the only choice given is colours) duh, and the not so playabale list of songs (which are never ever played in our family).

So, when all the basic planning is done, next in the list comes who is cooking what. And guess what, the birthday girl would be the one cooking most of the dishes for aalllll family members. Poor me

The day comes, and I start cooking at 10 in the morning winds up cooking at 6 in the evening. Gets ready for the great evening thinking that now, it would be fun (atleast). My daughter Kreesha is much more excited than me and gets the ambience rocking with her dance moves and her love for cake cutting.

For once, I almost forgot that it’s my birthday and witness my supergirl cash -in all the attention on my behalf. I never thought of such a day in my life before yesterday. But as it is said, “Everything is bound to happen for the first time. “

Share your birthday experiences with your toddlers and let’s explore the fun within.


Wonder Mom

October 1

Multigrain Cerelac Powder

So here I am, introducing my own version of Multigrain Cerelac for 6+ months infants. Every mother worries about her child’s health from the day s/he is born. As per Indian traditions, we start introducing foods to our kids at almost 6+ months age. My daughter’s pediatrician is very strict to not introduce any packaged food or cerelac to babies at this tender age. And kids being kids, are very fussy about foods. I was clueless, as to how to give Kreesha a balanced diet at this young age.

So, one day, while I was feeding her, I thought of this experimented dish, which I call as ‘Multigrain Cerelac’. I prepared it, and trust me Kreesha used to love it. Initially, I started with 1 feed of this Multigrain Cerelac a day for 1 week, (as suggested by her paediatrician) just to check if she is allergic to any of the ingredient and how does her body responds to new introduced foods. Then, I started alternating this Multigrain Cerelac with other foods. Below, is the recipe for the same.

Ingredients Required:

  1. 1 Cup Spoon Urad Dal
  2. 1/2 Cup Chana Dal
  3. 1 Cup Spoon Yellow Moong Dal
  4. 1/2 Cup Rice
  5. 1/2 teaspoon Cardamom Powder


Wash all pulses together 2-3 times. Then, wash rice separately 2-3 times. After washing, drain out the water and keep pulses to dry for 3 hours. Once pulses and rice are dry, dry roast them together till they are crunchy and turn goldenish. Now, add cardamom powder. Again, roast for another 2 minutes and keep it to cool. Once cool down, grind well to fine powder.

You can store this Multigrain Cerelac powder in an air-tight jar for as long as 1 month. This quantity is sufficient for 20 – 25 servings.


Take 2 tablespoon powder and add it to 1/2 cup of water. Mix well and make sure there are no lumps in the mixture. Boil 1 cup water, add the mix to it and bring to boil. Check for consistency and serve lukewarm. You can add salt to taste.


Wonder Mom

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September 28

Kids and decision power

Confused kid

Aksar hum apne bachon par apni marzi thop dete hain. Jaane anjaane unme hum apne khoye huye sapno ko dekhne lagte hain. Kiu hum ye bhul jate hain ki unki apni alag pehchaan hain. Humne sirf janm diya hai unke liye faisle lene ka haq hum nahi rakhte. Wo hamare ansh zarur hain. Par hamare toote bikhre sapno ka bhaar wo naazuk kandhe nahi utha sakte.

Hum ye kiu bhul jate hain ki unki ichchayein unki zindagi bilkul alag hai. Hum kiu unki khudki pehchaan unse chinna chahte hain, kiu hum unhe khulkar jeene nahi dena chahte. Bataur mata pita hamara farz hona chaie unke khudke sapno mein pankh lagana. Unhe unke faisle khud lene ka mauka dena. Main khud iss bat ko maanti hun aur bejhijhak follow bhi karti hun.

Sab tokte bhi hain mujhe, ki main kreesha se abhi se kiu puchti hun ki wo kya pehnegi, kya khelna hai ussey, kaunsa toy chaie usko, sabkuch. Par ye sab islie kiuki main nahi chahti ki ussey kabhi bhi aisa lage ki mera mann nahi hai par karna padega kiuki mumma ne bola. Bache ke mann kabhi ye khayal na aaye ki ye kaam ye padhai hum kisike kehne par kar rae hain. Bas yahi kehna hai aaj ki ek baar hum bachon ko unki zindagi ke faisle lene ka mauka toh de. Unhe ek baar kahe bacha tum chinta mat karo ma hai na tumhare sath.

Wonder Mom

September 27

Beti hai sabka jahaan

Daughters day
Kehte hai aaj bitiya diwas hai
Main kehti hun har din bitiya diwas hai
Jiss ghar mein beti hai
Wahan har din khushi hai
Jis ghar beti nahi
Wahan nahi hai khushhali
Beti se jeewan hai
Beti se hi toh ghar roshan hai
Bete toh sirf ek ghar ki Raunak hote hain
Betiyan toh do parivaaron ka Mel karati hain
Beti hai toh Jahan hai
Beto se kahan sansaar hai
Beta toh shadi ke baad parayan ho jata hai
Beti sasural jaakar bhi apni reh jati hai
Kehlayi jati hai paraya dhan
Beti to jeet leti hai sabka mann

Wonder Mom
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