October 19

Chaitra Navratri Special – Welcoming the Goddess to our house

Chaitra Navratri

This week, I am sharing my experience as a mom of a devotee kid – The Chaitra Navratri Special week. I am neither an atheist, nor a regular worshipper. However, my daughter Kreesha is a sincere devotee. She prays every morning without a fail. Looking at her, I sometimes wonder, if she is my daughter only! I mean I don’t worship idols, I say my prayers silently and she is just opposite to me. She is an idol worshipper who loves to perform prayers.

I told myself a day earlier, that I would wake up early on the First day Chaitra Navratri and perform all rituals before having my tea. So there I was, woke up early, took bath and was all ready to clean our little space of prayers (temple) and carry out my puja. To my surprise, Kreesha woke up early that morning. So, she stood up at a distance and watched me clean the temple. Few minutes later, I see myself following her instructions. 🤦‍♀️ Phew! and I am like are we playing roleplay?

In simple words, at just a age of 23 months, she knows how prayers are performed. How to tidy up temple for Navratri and how to perform prayers. I was left amazed at the way she instructed me. She never prays with me, but her grandfather, everyday without any failure. I guess, I look up to her as my role model, for prayers as she is so perfect in performing prayers.

These things apart, we both mum and daughter welcomed the holy goddess to our house with all excitement and enthusiasm. We started praying together in the morning and in evening also. There is a different connection that I felt with Kreesha in these few days. I guess, it is the divine powers that are playing important role in building my bond stronger with Kreesha.


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