October 30

Introducing Colors

Introducing Colors

Colors fascinate all of us, isn’t it? Introducing colors to your kids can be fun as well as challenging also. Colors attract kids more than anything else. With my own experience, I can say that colors in any form are the best tools to entertain kids. Today, I will share some of the ways you can introduce colours to your kids. 

  1. Water Colors in Plastic Sleeve: When I introduced colors to Kreesha, I started with water colors in a plastic sleeve, so she could play around with colors without creating a mess. It’s a great way to let your child play with colors and explore their creative side. No mess, only fun!
  2. Wax Crayons and Paper: Next, I moved to wax crayons. But, before handing over colors to Kreesha, I made sure she understood that these are colors and nothing edible. For that, I showed her some pictures which demonstrated the use of crayons. She started using the colors, her imagination. With this, I started telling her color names also, and started referring to her favorite things around. 
  3. Watercolors and paper: Introducing water colors to kids to be able to use them is fun. I demonstrated Kreesha, how to use colors with brush and how to paint on paper. After that, she mastered the art to create some magical artworks. I will be sharing some of her drawings on my Instagram channel

Kreesha is 23 months old and already has her hands on with watercolours, crayons, wax colours and colored pencils. Introducing colours has helped me understand her creative side. Colours have become an indispensable part of her daily routine. She loves to paint, and this has also initiated her learning skills. 

Another thing to remember is, there is no particular age for introducing colors to your child. I did that, because I noticed her inclination towards colors. However, I also believe that handing colors to your child at an early age makes them learn things quickly. 


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October 28

Grooming Self Confidence in Kids

Self Confidence in Kids

Raising a confident child is no child’s play. It involves motivation, appreciation, discipline and much more to build self confidence in kids. Being harsh to them, is a strict no – no, to boost their confidence. 

In this article today, I am sharing my personal experiences and tactics used by my family to build confidence in Kreesha.


  1. Appreciations: As per human tendency, appreciations help an individual improve and learn more. The same is applicable to our toddlers, regular and small appreciations help them build self confidence. A single word of apprehension motivates them to perform better. 
  2. Don’t be harsh on mistakes: When a kid makes a mistake, try not to be harsh or negative to them. Instead try to use phrases like, “Mistakes happen only when you try”, “No worries we will try again together”, “Trying is important than winning”, etc. 
  3. Console your kid: We also make mistakes and may end up doing everything wrong in a task. Try and share your failure / experience with your kid to make them understand the value of making an effort rather than the importance of winning.
  4. Be a role model for your kids: Kids often look up to their parents and imitate their behaviour and nature within themselves. Try and stay confident in front of your kids. Our failure should not reflect our giving up on something, but rather, it should reflect our effort for another chance. 
  5. Focus on strengths: Every parent knows the strengths and weaknesses of their child. Work on them individually and groom your child to be a better person. 

Try to incorporate these basic changes in your behaviour with your kid and witness the difference yourself. I am sure these do’s will help you to groom self confidence in your kids. Do share your experiences (good / bad) with me. 

Wonder Mom

October 21

Wonder Mom podcast

Wonder Mom Podcast

Mom is not just a word, not just an expression. Mom is World. Listen to a Mom’s heart with me on Wonder Mom podcast at Spotify.

Trailer out now

Welcome to Wonder Mom podcast. This podcast is dedicated to the wonderful moms out there, who have undergone so much in life just to make sure their kids are happy and successful. I would be sharing some poems, my own experiences as mom and will be interviewing great moms around. Stay tuned to catch up latest episodes. Available on various platforms such as; Spotify, Google Podcasts and Pocket Casts.

October 21

Navratri Special – Roasted Nuts Snack

Navratri Roasted Snack

Do you also wonder, what to eat and serve to your family during Navratri. We tend to eat oily and heavy foods during these 9 holy days. This might affect the health also. So, here is a quick recipe which is healthy and easy to prepare, to much on during Navratri.

Roasted Nuts Snack – Healthy Option during Navratras

1 cup almonds 
1 cup makhana
1 cup raw peanuts

Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a deep pan. Add almonds and makhana for stir fry. Stir fry for 3 minutes now add peanuts and stir fry till goldenish. Once done add Rock salt. Stir fry for 2 minutes. Turn off heat. Add dries curry leaves and serve hot or store for later. 


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October 21

Basic House activities for kids to involve in

House Activities for kids

So, here I am with a significant post about Various House Activities for kids. As parents, we believe or understand, that we should not let our kids work or participate in daily house activities. But trust me, by doing this, you are only deteriorating your kid. Involving kids in some of the house activities is not only good for them, but also, makes you more comfortable around your kid. You as parents / guardians get more time to spend with your kids. In return, your kids start respecting every household chore and understand the value of co-working in family.

These activities are your basic daily house chores, but, as a mother I believe, if you engage your child (girl / boy), it enables them to be:
  • Independent
  • Confident about themselves
  • Future ready for life struggles
  • Empathetic towards others

Organizing room and house

When we wake up, Kreesha and her dad take the responsibility of organizing bed back to perfection. They fold up the blankets, straighten the sheets and put those unorganized pillows back to their places. Involving Kreesha in this basic activity, is all to teach her basic etiquettes of cleaning and organizing. This daily routine of hers has helped me a lot. She puts back her toys in the closet on her own, once she is done playing. She never leaves her toys scattered around the house. This habit has also ensured that she understands the value of co-working in a family.

Feeding Pets

Yes, the second daily activity we involve our child in feeding our pet. We have a pug at our place, and whenever we its his food time, we ensure Kreesha feeds him or sits with us while feeding him. Initially, I wasn’t sure of this but I have witnessed a good and gradual change in her behavior. Kreesha now asks everyone for food in the family. If we have a guest at home, she makes sure they are fed properly. She would try to serve them with her small hands, in every possible way, just to ensure they are eating. She never leaves her food wasted. Now, infact, she has started feeding to birds, water plants as she is slowly understanding they are living beings.

October 19

Chaitra Navratri Special – Welcoming the Goddess to our house

Chaitra Navratri

This week, I am sharing my experience as a mom of a devotee kid – The Chaitra Navratri Special week. I am neither an atheist, nor a regular worshipper. However, my daughter Kreesha is a sincere devotee. She prays every morning without a fail. Looking at her, I sometimes wonder, if she is my daughter only! I mean I don’t worship idols, I say my prayers silently and she is just opposite to me. She is an idol worshipper who loves to perform prayers.

I told myself a day earlier, that I would wake up early on the First day Chaitra Navratri and perform all rituals before having my tea. So there I was, woke up early, took bath and was all ready to clean our little space of prayers (temple) and carry out my puja. To my surprise, Kreesha woke up early that morning. So, she stood up at a distance and watched me clean the temple. Few minutes later, I see myself following her instructions. 🤦‍♀️ Phew! and I am like are we playing roleplay?

In simple words, at just a age of 23 months, she knows how prayers are performed. How to tidy up temple for Navratri and how to perform prayers. I was left amazed at the way she instructed me. She never prays with me, but her grandfather, everyday without any failure. I guess, I look up to her as my role model, for prayers as she is so perfect in performing prayers.

These things apart, we both mum and daughter welcomed the holy goddess to our house with all excitement and enthusiasm. We started praying together in the morning and in evening also. There is a different connection that I felt with Kreesha in these few days. I guess, it is the divine powers that are playing important role in building my bond stronger with Kreesha.


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October 14

Importance of Father Child bond

Father Child Bond

So are you wondering, that why I have chosen this topic this week? Well, let me tell you frankly, Father child bond is as essential for any infant / toddler as is mother child bond. The initial years of a child and their bond with all family members do play an important role in grooming the child.

Well, to support my point, I have also verified from various researches published in different parts of the World. In India, we still believe that an infant and toddler needs more of her / his mother. This is actually and factually incorrect. Yes, an infant does need a mother being the primary care taker of the child, however, father child bond at infant stage cannot be neglected as well. Let’s first talk about the benefits a strong father infant bond reaps.

Benefits of Strong Father Child Bond

  • Fathers offer security and comfort – It is a universal fact and belief that fathers are to provide security and comfort to kids and family. Thus, father infant bonding helps the child to grow in a much secure environment and feel comfortable about themselves.
  • Ability to handle stress in life at later stages – Men in general are able to handle stress much more effectively. A child who bonds well with father at early stage of life, is later able to handle stress and manage the same.
  • Strong emotional quotient – For a daughter, Father is the first man she loves. A girl child always looks for friends and partner in life whom she can relate to with her father. Simply put, Father is an ideal man for every daughter. Talking about boys, they tend to imitate and resemble their fathers a lot. So, during early stages of life, if the father infant bond is strong, then the girl as well as the boy child reflects their fathers.


Wonder Mom

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October 12

Parent Child Bond – Activities to strengthen

Parent child bond

So, here I am with my post for some fun activities. Continuing, the theme of the week, Parent Child bond; this post is about the basic activities, we as parents can carry out with our kids to strengthen our bond with them. My poem was about Mother-daughter bond, my article focused upon the father’s bond with their child. Now, in this Fun Activity segment, I am listing out two basic activities that we as parents carry out and strengthen our bond with Kreesha. These activities are very basic and some of you might even know about them. But I am sharing my experience as a mother of a toddler, what these activities have done for me to strengthen our parent child bond.

Watching TV Together

Watch Television Together

Yes, watching television together encourages child to express more. By television, I don’t mean entertainment channels or movies. But, I mean nursery rhymes, cartoons and news. Yes, this will ensure your child expresses more and is able to communicate her / his feeling way before they start speaking. With nursery rhymes and cartoons, their vocabulary is enhanced and additionally, they learn importance of gestures, facial expressions and body language. And next time, before you even utter a word your child knows, if you are happy or sad about something. 👀 Isn’t it amazing!!! Trust me you gotta try this once.

Cooking Together

Cook Together

Yes you heard me right! Cooking together isn’t only good for couples, but for parent child bond also. My 23 months old toddler loves cooking with me. 🤦‍♀️ She would run towards me as soon as she knows, I am cooking or doing some chores in kitchen. She expresses, she wants to be with me when I am cooking. She even tries her hands on making roti or sometimes just helping me organize kitchen after cooking. So, if you both are cooking together, this strengthens the bond and your kids only learn something interesting in their early years.

So, readers do try one of these and share your experiences with me. Happy reading !


Wonder Mom

October 12


Mom Daughter Bond

Priceless is father – daughter bond,
But, How do you value the mother – daughter bond?
We have always learnt father’s pain for his daughter,
But who will understand the pain of a mother?
A Girl is the mirror to a mother,
One who sacrifices all her happiness is a mother.
She expresses none but fears for her girl child
Only she knows the pain of separation.
Girls bring in happiness to family
After marriage lives tears the family.
It hurts, when your own child is displease
Your pampered princess, is now overseas.
Wish the girls are not treated as properties
Wish with marriages, girls don’t have to be separated


Wonder Mom

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October 8

Child couching while sleeping

Couching Child While Sleeping

You might be surprised to always have your child couched to you while s/he is sleeping. Or if you have passed that infant stage of your child, then you might remember the way your child used to sleep on you, almost couching to you while sleeping. Well, when Kreesha was born, I was happy initially, to have her sleeping close to my heart. But, gradually, I started worrying, as she would wake up if I made her sleep in bed. 

I used to feel guilty of not being able to work enough when my child sleeps (as I was supposed to do). When I felt helpless, I started resting with her during her nap time of the day. This change brought in some positive energy in both of us (me and Kreesha). We bonded well together, she started feeling secure. And, while she was awake, I was now able to work sitting besides her. 

Then, I realized that the child couching while sleeping to the mother, is nothing more than nature’s rule. This is natural for kids, as the bond between a child and the mother pushes the sleepy child towards the latter. This is just to ensure that the mother gets adequate rest while her child is at sleep. 

Now, you would be curious to know how this exactly works. So when you child sleeps couching to you, s/he wants you to rest for a bit. Also, co-sleeping with your child strengthens the bond between mother and child. When I realized this very fact, I preferred Kreesha sleeping in my lap. She feels secure with my presence around her. Therefore, she also prefers couching to me while she is sleeping. As per our Indian tradition, it is said that, when the child is sleeping and the mother is away, it is best to put a used cloth (mother’s used scarf) besides the kid’s pillow to ensure the comfort level of the child.  


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